Flower Girl Pen and Ink Drawing


I made this piece in the 7th grade for an art competition, inspired by a piece by Loui Jover. I started off by sketching out the girl, then I drew her in pen and ink. Her hair was a challenge, because I was new to the medium and didn’t really understand it yet. I tried filling in all of that dark space with just my pen with a small nib on it. Obviously, it was going slowly, so I told my art teacher. She taught me that the ink could be used like a watercolor and just painted on (duh, how didn’t I know that?), so I filled in the rest with a brush and pure ink. I accidentally made a huge drop of ink on the paper and was panicking, when my art teacher came to the rescue again and blended it out a little with water. I liked the effect it had, so I put more drops around and let them feather out using water.
I watered down some ink to make various shades of light grey and filled in the girl to create more dimension and contrast. I took it around the empty space outside of her, too. I really love how this turned out, because it shows me my beginning. I love pen and ink now, and this was my origin. My mom likes this piece a lot, so she gets to keep it. By the way, I didn’t win the art competition with it. 😦