Cross Picture Part 2

Glen Lake mission trip 2014
Cross at Glen Lake

Three years ago, I took the above picture. Here’s the blog post about it. I got the perfect shot, because I was one of the only people at the top of that mountain at that moment, allowing me to get a picture of just the cross. Usually, though, I’m at the cross with dozens of other people. People who like to climb on the cross to get pictures for their Snapchat stories (Sigh. I know my artistic views don’t dictate their agenda, but I’m trying to emphasize how amazing it was that I got this picture of the lone cross.) So, when I was back at the cross this past weekend, I was doubtful that I could get a good sequel picture.


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I journeyed up the mountain and here’s what I got.

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Firstly, this picture. I love the overexposure on it, giving it almost a hazy look. It was pretty humid, and it amazes me that I can almost feel that through this picture. The mountain overlooked this beautiful, shallow river that we had to cross to get to the top. I feel like this picture represents the fruits of my journey, looking back on it.


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Now, this one. It’s not the best quality because I was just using my iPhone 5s camera, and I had to zoom in as much as possible. Something about this water tower just seems solemn to me, and my weekend was spent reflecting on things and had many moments of me keeping to myself.


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As I said earlier, people were all over this cross. I had to head back down before everyone was off of the cross, unfortunately, but I really love the result. Here we were, just some teenagers that wanted to devote a weekend of our lives solely to God. These were the people that I studied The Word with. These were my comrades in worship, and I feel like this picture showcases us, such a small part of everything, yet still together at a place that means something to us. I wanted the sun to be a big pat of this picture, and I like the back-lit silhouettes of my peers. It really shows the community in Christ.


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It’s hard to tell, but the person looking down on the cross was actually trying to help someone up onto the cross. Once again, I loved the sun and the light flares and the clouds, and it really highlighted the cross in a cool way.


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Here’s another cross picture, in another tone in editing. It kind of speaks for itself, honestly. This was when we were gathering our attention for a big prayer over ourselves, our state, our nation, and our people.


I hope you enjoyed round two of the Camp Pictures, and hopefully, someday, there’ll be a round three!