Decorated Nightstand

I was on a run in my neighborhood and there was a nightstand sitting out on the curb. I inspected it, and everything seemed fine, so I headed home. I got my dad and drove to it. We loaded it into our car and I put it in the garage. I knew I could make something really cool out of it. img_7467

I started by sanding off all of the finish. This only took about 20 minutes.


On the top I glued down a piece of a map. I cut out a compass shape using my Cameo Silhouette and applied it onto the map I’d put in the center of the top of the nightstand. I mixed up some black chalk paint and applied several layers to the main part/frame of the  nightstand. While this dried, I decoupaged scraps from different maps on the inside and sides of the drawers. I painted the faces of the drawers and installed new hardware I’d picked up from Home Depot. I then sealed it. Below are pictures of the finished product.

I don’t remember how much it went for, but I donated this piece to be auctioned off at a charity event. It only took me about three hours of work, not including breaks and dry time.