Colorful Hair Drawing

I was in math class when a friend offered me a piece of gum. On the wrapper there was an option to do a truth or a dare. The truth was boring, but the dare printed on the paper was to sell an original piece of art. I joked with my friend that it was an easy bet, and I could win it before the period ended. I ripped a piece of notebook paper out of my binder and got started.

I drew the basic curls that I’m always drawing in a dark blue ink. I highlighted and contoured the sections with other lighter colors, and went back in with the dark blue to add more dimension. I had finished in a few minutes and asked if anyone in the class would buy it. My wonderful, amazing teacher said she’d purchase it for a whopping ten cents. I traded the paper for her dime and hung it up on her board.


Of course it could be better, but it was quick and hey, I did complete the bet.