Strawberry Rosette Cake

A senior at my school knew that I bake, so she asked me to make her a strawberry cake.

I first made a strawberry puree out of some frozen strawberries, and set that aside. I made the cake batter, substituting 1/2 a cup of liquid for some of the puree. Once I put that in the oven, I prepared my basic Wilton Buttercream frosting, once again using the puree as liquid for the recipe.

I took out the chilled cakes and leveled them. I then filled the layers in with icing, and crumb coated it, letting it chill again.

I gave it a thicker coat and piped rosettes in the top with my trustee Wilton 1M tip. I left the sides with the rustic, textured look and ta-da!

I hope y’all enjoyed!