Hymnal Cross Painting

It was the end of the school year and I wanted to do something special for one of my teachers. She taught me fabulously, so I decided that I wanted to make her something. Knowing that she’s a fellow Christian, I used some of the pages out of an old Methodist Hymnal that was being thrown out by the church. I Mod Podged the pages onto a 16X20 canvas. I then sketched out and painted a white base with acrylic paint.


I then went in with a turquoise/teal color in a light tint and added that as a layer.


I then added darker colors to give more of a rustic depth.


And more…


Until I decided it was good and added an initial to the middle to bring it all together.


Ta-da! There’s my southern, swirly acrylic cross on top of old hymnal pages.