The Alamo and UTSA

My family and I roadtripped and spent the weekend in San Antonio, Texas and it was quite a beautiful city. Our first full day was spent touring the University of Texas at San Antonio, which only took a couple of hours, so we then visited The Alamo and El Mercado.

All of the pictures above are some of the buildings at UTSA. While we were on campus I realized that I really love architectural photography.

I guess since I’ve never really lived in the city, I love to see all of the different/interesting things that are offered outside of small towns. Thus, the obsession with taking pictures of architecture.


We then headed to The Alamo once we were done at UTSA.

The surroundings/entrance to The Alamo were awesome to see. There was a cute strip of stores and attractions and lots of Texan flora.


Yay! Texan history!

Unfortunately, no pictures were allowed to be taken inside of The Alamo, but it was a pretty humbling experience being in there. There were lots of flags, artifacts, informational boards, and a cute little sculpture showing the layout of The Alamo.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset
Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Also, there was this cute plaque and I really dig it.

There were many flags outside (Texas pride woo!)

There were many, many canons just hanging out outside as well.

This was a sculpture in front of The Alamo that had names of the heroes of The Alamo and also the phrase “From the fire that burned their bodies rose the eternal spirit of sublime heroic sacrifice which gave birth to an empire state” etched into it. That sculpture was amazing.

The (long, hot, and kind of painful) walk to El Mercado was actually enjoyable thanks to the awesome architecture, colors, and plants. The bright abundance of murals, flowers, and people made the walk feel like a real life I Spy book – full of new things to find.

We reached the Mexican market (El Mercado) and started shopping around, stopping to enjoy some Mexican fruit drinks.

We then walked back to our car, using the River Walk which was quite interesting. It involved us seeing little river boats, ducks, riverside restaurants, and some homeless people. It was fun and full of the little touches of color, pattern, and art that we saw throughout the city.

And that was the end of Day 1! It was packed full of fun times, and I’ll post about Day 2 and link it here.


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