My First Cream Puffs

I was spending some of my summer in Seattle, WA with my family, which was amazing. I love the shore and the city, especially those two combined. My grandmother was an avid baker, so she wanted me to take home a new skill after the trip ended. She paid for me to take a class from Craftsy, which is a website where you pay to take certain classes where you’re provided with instructional videos, PDF’s so that you can have printable recipes and/or instructions, and the ability to access any of these whenever you want.

creme puffs

I took a class over french baking, which includes tutorials over lots of french pastries. I made some cream puffs and even though they were super tasty, they weren’t quite right. Oh well, at least they looked good for pictures and tasted good for us to snack on. I shall try again. Cream puffs have not seen the last of me!