Makeup Henna Painting

This drawing/painting is one of my favorites, and is very near and dear to my heart. My art teacher gave us the assignment of watercolor painting a bowl holding an assortment of things with a common theme, with zentangle doodles drawn around it in Sharpie. I painted the bowl a mixture of light lavender and a light blue, giving it an easy, almost galaxy-esque effect. I decided to fill the bowl with the things in life that make me happy; high end makeup products. I included a Chanel compact, a NYX eyeshadow pallet, a MAC lipstick, some Nars foundation, a Too Faced compact, Coco Chanel Noir, and a Lorac Pro eyeshadow pallet. For the surrounding designs, I decided to go for a henna theme, seeing as how it is a kind of doodle, making it ~debatably~ a type of zentangle.


I love the contrast between the colors of the bowl and its contents and the henna designs. This project turned out really well, if I do say so myself.