Rose Apple Pie

It was around Thanksgiving time, and I had a dinner to go to for the sport I’m in. I got assigned to making a dessert, seeing as how that’s my specialty, I decided to make an apple pie, with homemade pie crust, because I’d never made one before. Usually, when I’d made pies, I just used recipes that are chocolate and cream based to pour into pre-made Oreo pie crusts. I made a simple caramel sauce and marinated it in some cored, cut, and peeled apple slices. I made the pie crust, which was fortunately very simple, and covered the pan with a layer. I filled it in with the caramel-y apple mixture and closed it up with a lattice on top.


(Sorry for the poor picture quality.)
For the apple rose decoration on top, I boiled some thinly sliced red apples to make them soft and flexible. I got a two inch thick strip of rolled pie crust and brushed it with apple preserves. I then put on the apple slices, slightly layering them over themselves. I rolled up the strip, placed it in a muffin tin, and baked it. I secured it to the pie with a simple, thick glaze.