Stamp and Printmaking

For my art class one day, we had to carve a design into each side of a 2X2 square of soft linoleum. On one side, I carved an Aztec design, and in the other I carved a floral design.

On the side that I designed the Aztec pattern on, I just wanted the tiles to line up and continue the design as I went on stamping. I didn’t really get that smooth of an effect, but I like how it turned out.

For the floral side, I was going to try and make a henna/Indian/mendhi design, but it looks a bit different. I wanted each tile to make a complete flower when printed in sections of four. The end result came out beautifully, but not as expected. It looks more like tiles found on the walls of Mexican restaurant bathrooms, not a henna design, but I love it anyways.

To create the final prints, I water colored some pieces of normal copy paper and let them dry. Once completely dry, I rolled a very thin layer of acrylic paint onto one side of my stamp and stamped away.


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