Collage of Drawings

This is a collage of several of my drawings/paintings. These were done throughout 2015. Below is a list of the pieces’ names, mediums, and dates.

FontCandy (10).png

  1. This piece is nameless, but is just a simple line drawing done in pen and ink on multi-media paper. 9×9 inches, completed in February 2015.
  2. This piece is named “Flower Girl” and was sold for $15. It is an original, and it’s a combination of watercolor and pen and ink. Completed in October 2015.
  3. This piece is nameless and sold for $15. It’s a pen and ink line drawing with watercolor accent. Completed in early 2015.
  4. This piece is named “Four Owls” and sold for $15. It is a line drawing done in pen and ink. Completed in April 2015.
  5. This is an unnamed piece. A small pen and ink drawing completed in January 2015.
  6. This piece is named “Comically Me”. It is a pen and ink line drawing. Completed in March 2015.
  7. This piece is named “Whimsical Owl” and sold for $20. It’s an acrylic painting on a thick paper. Completed in August 2015.
  8. This piece is nameless. It is simply a marker drawing on standard copy paper. Completed in November 2015.
  9. This piece is unnamed. It is a pencil and colored pencil drawing on a thick card stock. Completed in September 2015.